Respect costs nothing

Once upon a time, there was a boy called,”Edu,” who was schooling at Malo primary school. He was tall and huge, thus he could be noticed from a far.

He joined school quite late, having spent much of his childhood life taking care of his father’s herd of cattle. He was the eldest in their class, and would take advantage of this by intimidating his classmates, as he always looked down upon them.

 When he  joined  secondary  school  he  would   command   the  younger  students  to  wash  his  uniform and bedding.  He  had  no  respect  for   older  men  and  women alike and they would always  reminded  him  to  treat both the old and young with   respect.

Edu never heeded   his parents advice.,Everytime  he  was was reminded on the importance of changing his behaviour, he would look away and pretend to be busy with other things.

His father once told him that the world would be a great teacher to him if he never reformed. After completing his form four, he went to a nearby town to look for job.

His father referred him to a friend of his called Mr. Wamwera  who owned a company. As he set off, on his way to the bus stop, he came across an old man who stepped on his toe by mistake. Edu reacted angrilly and warned him, that next time he did it again, he would be in for it.

The old man tried to apologise to him repeatedly, but it all fell into deaf ears. No one tried to intervene as they were afraid of Edu’s temper.

Immediately he alighted, he lost directions of the company he was heading to. After asking road sellers’ directions to where a gentleman by the name Wamwera was located, he was directed.

Immediately he reached the company, he asked the secretary if he could speak to Mr. Wamwera who was the Director, after a few minutes, he was ushered into Wamwera’s office.

He was astonished to see the old man he abused was the person he was referred to, for job vacancy. He felt ashamed of himself, started making endless apologies and felt embarassed to ask for whatever had brought him.

He left the office in a hurry with his neck bent down.


Solution to drugs?

 My fellow  youths, drugs are very dangerous, some of us are beiing drugged into this risky habit either forcefully, through coercion, while for some, it is as a result of peer pressure.

Most of the children and youths have been forced to drop out of school as a result of drugs life, they have turned out to be a nuisance in the society as a result of them being muggers.

Many a times, the youths being introduecd to drugs are being used as drug peddlers, besides being customers, not forgetting that, most of the people who sell drugs are not drug addicts.

Majority of the innocent children are being robbed off their innocent by the selfish money minded people in the society, potential, reproductive people in the society are getting ruined, great idea are going at a waste, there are no more future leaders being bred.

Is there a solution to this menace?